Tax saving tips from K & M Accountants Luton

At K & M Accountants Luton we believe that business and individuals should only pay the tax that they are due. Therefore our tax planning team look at all aspects of your business and try to save you tax by asking some of the following tax saving questions. 

  • Are you contractor or sub contractor working through an umbrella company? Do you want to know how to increase your net income?

  • Does your partner earns below personal allowance? Do you want to know how to utilize the personal allowance of non tax paying partner?

  • Are you involved in construction industry? Do you know how you could reduce your tax bill?
  • Are you running your business on most tax efficient way? Do you know what is most tax efficient way to operate your business?

  • Do you know how much money you could draw from business with out paying a penny in personal tax?
  • Are you taking advantage of Employer's Allowance?
  • Have you planned your retirement?
  • Is your business missing on claiming Research and Development Relief?

  • Are you aware of auto enrollment and how it may affect your business?

  • Do you know that your business could earn extra money by just being VAT registered?

  • Are you employed as a delivery driver? Do you know that you might be entitled for a tax refund? 

  • Are you employed and paying 40% Tax on your employed income? Do you know that you could increase your basis tax rate?

  • Are you using your cash ISA limit?

  • Do you know how to avoid or lower your Inheritance tax?

  • Do you know your tax free benefits and allowance?

  • Did you ever thought of choosing between finance or operating lease?

  • Do you know which company car scheme could save you more tax and NIC

  • Do you know the benefit of filling your self assessment tax return by 31st December?

  • Do you know that what tax reliefs are available for letting your furnished property?

  • Do you know about rent a room scheme? 

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